Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(gravitational) pull (b&w)

these black and white tones aren't looking their best here on the blog. 


Pete said...

I think the white background of the blog might be the problem
nice portrait though.

Johnny said...

Hi, lauren very,very,very nice B&W portrait your hair,
and the touch of softness towards the back i love it.!!
And good to have you back on flickr as well.

Most Regards, Johnny (the netherlands)

Jack Myers said...

I agree, the softness is a wonderful touch, and the randomness (and texture) of your hair over your features looks great.

Art Silva said...

I agree with Pete on this one.
The photo itself looks great but all that white of the blog can burn the effectiveness.
As far as the image, wow! I really love it. Beautiful work hun... and great to see you btw :)

C and R said...

Soft, yet dramatic. Random, but clear that the image was not "easy" to create. Beautiful.