Saturday, September 12, 2009


i love window breeze and late morning light. oh, and neck pulses. i love neck pulses too.


Em Kâ Bé said...

There you are. Stumbled upon you by chance on flickr and wondering why the so long "silence" over there. Found you appeared here not so long ago. Just a little hello and I'm gone again.
(The word verification asked to type is "ingender". Funny)

Art Silva said...

HI there Lauren, just making a rare visit to my blog and you came to mind. How are you my friend? long time no see and I hope you are doing well.
Love the Vimeos by the way, beautifully powerful moods.

All my best always,

Anonymous said...

you're fantastic!

Axl said...

ah ! first time I see you moving. weird, I thought you were static ;)
nice video

mikelsolitario said...

siesta is our best invention. long you sleep, when you wake up you have?

ralph said...

you are such a delightful, bright, sensual, lovely creature. love siesta.